Bass Guitar Chords For Beginners

Tips for Learning Bass Guitar Chords for Beginners & Newbies Learning to Play

Bass Guitar Chords for Beginners & Newbies OnlineAll music centers around chords. The harmonic structure of each song is defined by chords and it tells you the notes that will sound good and the ones that will not.

Once you are sure to have your bass guitar tuning mastered, a Major part of learning music theory then involves learning about different bass chords and how they lead from one to another.

How to Play Bass Guitar Chords for Beginners?

By definition, a chord is a group of more than one note played together. Every chord has a root note which is the foundation of the chord and a “Quality” which denotes the structure of other notes that are present in the chord. For example, a C minor chord will have the notes C, Eb and G with root note C and quality being minor.

There are a number of chord qualities such as minor, major, minor 7, major 7, augmented, diminished etc. Each of them displays a different character which is attributed to the musical intervals between the notes in the chord. Some common bass guitar chords for beginners include F, G, A and F#


One good way to practice how to play bass guitar chords as a beginner is by practicing arpeggios. It is just a fancy word that denotes playing the chord tones up and down. You can either arpeggiate through a number of octaves or just a single. As you progress learning various bass chord patterns, it is wise to practice them by playing arpeggios beginning with notes as roots on your bass.

For beginners who have set out to learn bass guitar chords, here a few playing tips to make your journey of learning easier:

1. Is bass guitar easy to learn or transition to? A lot of guitar players have the misconception that shifting over to the bass guitar will make it easy for them; however, it does not happen so with most guitar players. Strings of a bass guitar are more widely spaced and hence produce deeper sounds. In case you also wish to switch from guitar to bass, you must bear in mind that the only way to make it easier to play is to practice as much as you can.

2. In case you come across trouble playing chords on the bass, try to play them where the notes are placed closer. For example it can be easier to play Db major7 than C or D Minor 7. The trick is to find the bass chords which are easier to learn.

3. Bassists often find it easier to play chords lower on the neck compared to the chords placed higher up. It will be easier to play lower chords such as D or E.

4. One of the best ways to learn playing bass guitar chords is by watching someone else. A lot of guitarists ignore this aspect only to their own peril. YouTube is replete with videos showing bass guitar players playing chords. Such videos give you a clear perspective of what other players do that you do not.

5. Once you feel you have picked up something, it is a good idea to play a few tabs in order to improve your skills. To do this, try to find a song that you are already familiar with so that you do not waste much time in getting used to the tune.

These learning tips will go a long way in assisting you to master bass guitar chords as a beginner. However, the fact remains that continuous practice cannot be substituted by anything and it is only with practice that you can rise to the playing level that you aim for.