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Bass Guitar Tuning for Beginners & Newbies Learning How to Play Bass Online

Bass guitar tuning for beginners learning how to tune a bass guitar online.Tuning a bass guitar for a beginner becomes very easy once you practice how to play it. A tuned bass guitar is to practice how to listen to various bass notes.

Each of the bass guitar tuning produces pitches to the strings of the electric bass. Therefore, the bass guitar tuning produces open notes to open strings.

Relative Tuning:

There are very many ways in which you can tune your bass guitar and the best one for you is the relative tuning. The relative tuning means that you shall tune the bass guitar so as to make each string to be in tune with the next. The following is how you should go about this tuning method.

The first thing for you to do when you are tuning the bass relatively is to find the reference pitch. This pitch is the one that you shall use so as to tune all other guitar strings.

The best string that you should use for the reference pitch is the 4th string. It is the thickest string out of all the others on the bass. You should tune this string using an online internet tuner or the s second guitar. You are supposed to tune the other strings once you think that the 4th string is in tune.

You should then play the 4th string on the 5th fret while listening to the pitch of the note.

After this you should play the 3rd string open and still listen to the pitch of that note as well.

You should ensure that both the notes are sounding the same. If they are not sounding the same you should adjust the 3rd string till they do. The two notes will match when the 4th string is in tune with the 3rd string.

The next thing you should do is to repeat the entire procedure by playing the third string in the fifth fret as well as the open second string.

Once again you are required to adjust the 2nd string till the two notes match. They will be in tune with each other when they will sound the same.

The last thing to do is to play the 2nd string on the 5th fret as well as the 1st string on the guitar. Each time the two notes will be having the same pitch, then that is when the bass guitar will be in tune itself.

Bass Guitar Tuner Method:

The next method to tune your bass guitar is by use of the bass guitar tuner. This method is simple and saves you much time when you are training your ears on various notes.

You only need to know the basic strings of the bass guitar that include E, A, D and G. The thickest part is the open E while the thinnest one is the open G string.

In conclusion, the above two bass guitar tuning methods are the best ones especially for beginners due to their simplicity. It is good to combine the two bass tuning techniques so as to enhance the listening skills.

This will make the bass guitar tuning very simple to everyone learning how to play bass guitar beginner. You can just try the above two bass tuning methods and surely they will work out fine for you.