How to Play Bass Guitar for Beginners Online

Best Ways to Learn How to Play the Bass Guitar for Beginners Online

Learn how to play the bass guitar for beginners onlineWho doesn’t love the bass guitar?

Whether it is the electric bass, or the acoustic bass, 4 string bass or the six string bass, it is one of those instruments that helps to lay down the bottom end of the music that we all love to listens to whether it be jazz, funk, rock, pop, country and so many others.

When we think of learning how to play the bass guitar for beginners, it’s important to become familiar with the guitar’s parts and body. You can check out the bass playing tips and features for playing below.

Beginner Bass Guitar Tips for Learning How to Play

The large bulky part of the bass guitar is referred to as the body which then has a long neck on which the bass strings lay.

The neck of the bass guitar is separated from the headstock by what is referred to as the nut. The headstock holds the tuning pegs of the bass, each of which hold a bass string which you can turn for tuning.

The other end of the bass strings are held to the body of the bass by the bridge. The string pass over the pick-ups which are on the body. These pick-ups act like a small microphone that picks up the vibration of the strings and sends this sound out through the amplifier.

Along the neck of the bass, there are thin metal strips that are spaced apart at various distances. These are referred to as frets.

When learning the best ways to play the bass guitar as a beginner, you must understand that using your fingers on the frets and hold the strings down at various intervals and strumming or plucking the strings will create a different musical note from the guitar.

To determine how to actually begin playing the bass guitar you have to decide to play either seated, resting the body of the bass guitar on your lap or standing using a bass guitar strap to take the weight of the bass and transferring it to your shoulders and freeing up your hands allowing you to play.

When playing bass guitar, you need to be sure to keep a straight back so as to not hinder your playing abilities as well as preventing back issues from slumping over your bass.

Playing bass guitar for beginners means you take time to start out by loosening up the fingers for playing. This can be done even with out an electric or acoustic bass guitar. Simply hold the hand that will move up and down the neck of the bass at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

Relax your fingers and practice lifting up each finger on that hand one at a time. Continue doing this over and over again to strengthen and warm up your finger muscles.

When learning how to play the bass guitar for beginners, it is recommended to use a fretted bass. This will help you to learn each note separately as opposed to possible confusion and delay in learning notes on a fret less bass.

When starting out as a beginner playing the bass guitar you need to experiment with strumming different strings to achieve different notes.

There are open notes in which you pluck the bass string at the body while the other hand only holds the guitar. An example of this is to
pluck the ‘first’ string, or the one closest to the ground without fretting with your other hand, in other words, playing it ‘open’ will produce a ‘G note’ from the bass.

You can continue to learn other bass notes by plucking the strings with your one hand and fretting the strings with your other hand.

Once you become familiar with the various notes that can be created on the bass guitar you will want to learn to put them together to form various types of bass guitar scales.
The most important scales are the Major Scale, The Chromatic scale as well as the Minor Pentatonic Scale. You will then be able to progress in your playing the bass by learning chords and various types of playing patterns.

The best way to learn to play bass guitar as a beginner is to listen to different styles of music and get familiar with the beat and how it adds to the song. You need to practice regularly to learn to become a good bass player. On top of your practicing your playing, you need to get familiar with playing and practicing with other musicians. Bass guitar instruction and bass guitar lessons for beginners online can help you to do this easily with professional musicians teaching you.

Doing this will help you to develop your sense of rhythm. You, the bass player, along with the drummer form the rhythm section of the band.

As a beginner that is learning to play, you need to understand that in order to be a great bass player, you need to practice, practice, practice and work on your rhythm to be able to make some great music with you and your musician friends.